My name is Kate. My husband, Edward has Tourette’s. (They are dropping the “syndrome” so I refer to it as Tourette’s or TS). I hope that this blog will be helpful to significant others of those with TS.

I am an educator and I also help run a theatre company. My husband and I are the leaders of the Austin Area Tourette Support Group-for parents who have children with TS and for adults with TS.

I won’t pretend I’m an expert at this. There are many people who have been married to their spouse for many years. There are many parents, family members, etc. who have done a lot more research on this than I have. I am simply telling my story. I would be happy to hear from others and read your stories as well.

I wrote my “entries” before I began the blog. This whole blog thing is new to me, so be kind. 🙂